Day 5 ~~ Hollywood Studios

Our first day at MGM  (well alright Disney Studios).

First up as usual is grabbing a Fastpass for Tower of Terror, then we headed over to Star Tours which was currently one of Jeffrey's favorite rides. He took a few photos in the ride line:

Followed by a go at Muppetvision.

We arrived on time for our ressies at the Sci-fi Dine in. I look forward to this every time as it's definately one of my top 3 favorite places to eat. I love the posters in the waiting area:

And the sign outside:

Jeff, Alex and Katherine went off to use the TOT fastpasses and Jeffrey and I hung around and traded pins.

We met back up outside Rock 'n Roller Coaster then headed over to the Great Movie Ride.
(I gotta get these kids some sunglasses!)

By now it was so hot that the only thing we were able to do was head back to the room for a shower and to rest up a bit.

We went to DTD and had dinner at Wolfgang Pucks which would not complete without taking pictures of each other:

Oh yes, and the salt and pepper shakers needed their picture taken as well:

By then the weather had cooled off enough so we strolled around and took more pictures of items we weren't going to buy:

(This one catches Katherine in the background)

No Jeffrey you can't buy any wine....

Then it was back to the resort.

The kids wanted to go swimming again but there was lightening in the area and the pool was closed.

So we just hung out and watched Americas Funniest Home Videos and CSI NY then tried to go to sleep early enough so we could get an early start tomorrow.