Day 9 ~~ Animal Kingdom

Back to the Animal Kingdom today.
Alex is heading out into the heat to check to see if the bus was coming.

Upon arrival Jeff went and got some Safari Fastpasses then we met up with him in Dinoland to ride the Primeval Whirl.
I just adore the scenery here.
Love the colorful buildings.

The bamboo always look so cool and refreshing:

As we were getting on the ride Jeffrey decided at the last second that his stomach didn't feel like twirling around so I took him off to the side while everyone else rode. Jeffrey likes to pretend he's brave but the truth is, just about everything scares him and even though sometimes he can overcome it, just as often he changes his mind at the last minute blaming tummy trouble. I keep telling him there is no shame in not wanting ride a ride but he likes to stick with the upset stomach story.

Once again the day was hotter than words can express so when we got on the Safari ride, most of the animals were hiding or sleeping.

Lunch time  at the Yak and Yeti.
They have great decor in here but my camera wasn't cooperating well in the low light so I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted:

Waiting for the food.

After lunch Jeff, Alex and Katherine wanted to go on Everest so Jeffrey and I hung out and took some pictures:

I actually caught them coming down the hill!
6th row from the back.
(How did I do it? I kept taking pictures of the each car as it passed until I got the right one)

We decided to go see the Festival of the Lion King.
First because we had never seen it before and second, because we just had to get out of the heat.
This was the only good shot I could get because my flash kept bouncing off peoples heads.

When we came out we had just missed a huge downpour.
Everything was wet and steamy but not any cooler.

A few more shots that the kids took of the scenery.
Including the first one of dozens of white birds in the trees:

By now we were hot and tired and needed a rest so we headed back to the room before heading to Downtown Disney for a last dinner at Wolfgang Pucks.

When we got back to the room the kids wanted to go to the pool one last time so off we went.

I took several pictures of each kid but this one of Jeffrey was the only one that came out:

We headed back to the room to pack then it was off to bed for our last night of vacation.