Day 2 Evening ~~ The Art of Disney, The Lego Store & the T-Rex Cafe

This evening we headed to Downtown Disney where we admired the displays in The Art of Disney:

We passed a few birds near the Rainforest Cafe:

And then checked out the kids favorite store:

While we were waiting to be called for our reservation at the T-Rex Cafe, we caught a performance by a group called Nova Era...they were fantastic and I bought a collection of their CDs for Alex.

We finally got called to be seated. It was truly a visually amazing restaurant with so much to see.
Unfortunately, the service and the food were just terrible. It might not always be like that, but we were really disappointed especially since dinner for the 5 of us cost over $100 and I didn't even eat part of my chicken dinner because it was so dried out. The waiter did not ask if he could get me something else or offer to remove it from the bill and he didn't come back to the table after he cleared the dishes. He had someone else bring us our check.

Aside from that, it is definitely worth a look see!

The ceilings in this room changed colors which was neat to watch but I dont think I could eat a meal in here... it kind of strained the eyes....

This was in the ladies room:

And on the way back to the room we had to stop and say hi to Buzz....
Hi Buzz!!