Day 3 ~~ Magic Kingdom

Today we started off at the Magic Kingdom.  
When we got there they were having a parade so we stopped and took some pictures.
There were hardly any people watching so we got a good view.

First ride was the Carousel of Progress which is really one of my favorites.  
We got to watch the preshow before we went in.

Then onto Buzz Lightyear where Jeff got the highest score possible. 999,999!
I said he obviously hit one of those hidden targets but he attributed it to pure skill.

The heat was cranked up to "Broil" so we were slogging along pretty slow. 
We stopped to admire the beautiful scenery.

As we headed through Liberty Square, we found our way into the Hall of Presidents with it's wonderful air conditioning. The kids loved the all the paintings and spent quite a lot of time taking pictures of them.
I don't think they wanted to go back out into the heat.

And of course they had to take pictures of each other:

When we were done in there we wove through the stores trying to stay out of the heat and soak up as much air conditioning as possible. More picture taking in the Christmas store.

We passed by the Liberty Bell and I tried to get a good picture but they were all complaining that the sun was in their eyes so this was the best I could do:

We managed to get over to Pirates without frying and enjoyed the cool of the ride and then grabbed fastpasses for Thunder Mountain.

The train seemed like a good place to rest while we waited so we took a ride around the park. 
The heat was really taking it out of us.

We decided Philharmagic was the coolest place we could think of so we hopped off the train and ducked in there. We grabbed some bottled water at the Charter House before hopping on the Paddle Boat around Tom Sawyers Island. That was a great way to relax, it was relatively cool and we got lots of good pictures:

The Haunted Mansion was hiding behind the bushes.

People waiting in line:

The clouds are rolling in, but it hasn't done a thing to fend off the heat. It's only gotten more humid.

Our fastpasses for Big Thunder were good so off we went.

At this point we did the only thing we were capable of which was to head up to the maingate on the train and head back to the hotel. 
For some reason this seemed like a good time for a Spock hand gesture:

The grounds of Old Key West are just beautiful and it feels so great to come home to:

After a shower and brief rest we headed to the bus stop to wait for the Downtown Disney Bus

We decided on Wolfgang Pucks for dinner.

We did some shopping afterwards where I bought a small lightweight drawstring backpack to haul stuff around in.

The kids just love to take pictures of merchandise:

And of course one of their favorite stores:

We found a great performer to watch which the kids loved.

 Then made our way back to the hotel where we watched Law and Order before crawling into bed.