Day 7 ~~ EPCOT, Living with the Land Behind the Seeds Tour

Not wanting to break with tradition, we got a late start  this morning.

We headed to EPCOT and enjoyed another ride on Spaceship Earth.
But first here we are waiting for Jeffrey to use the bathroom, a reoccurring theme throughout the trip.
I think he just wanted to see how many different bathrooms he could use in one trip. He probably broke some sort of record.

When we got out the kids wanted to play some of the games so we hung out there for awhile while they enjoyed light hockey.

Waiting their turn:

Get ready, Get set:


 I turned off my flash to get a better shot of what they were doing:

Then we walked over to The Land to book a "Behind the Seeds" tour. We stopped and ate at Seasons then went over for a relaxing ride on Ellen's Energy Adventure. No one fell asleep this time.

We rode Nemo and by then it was time for our tour.

This is by far one of the best values out there.
It's inexpensive and a lot of fun.
You get to go behind the scenes of Living with the Land.
We were the only family on the tour so we got a ton of personalized attention from our very nice guide.

First we got see some inside rooms:

Then it was into the greenhouse proper:

 Hanging cucumbers:

 Hanging peppers:

 This whole thing is one giant tomato tree:

The kids got to let loose a bunch of ladybugs:

Look at the size of that lemon!

Hanging winter melons:

Cayman crocodiles:

We got to feed the fish:



There was this great frog hiding in the sand. 
I think the kids must have taken about 20 pictures each of it.

 Coffee beans:

Look at this!
Out behind the greenhouse was an submarine from the old submarine ride.
I LOVE this!!

When we were done we rode Soarin' and then took the monorail to the Polynesian for our reservations at O'Hana.

Here are a couple of pictures from inside the resort:

Jeffrey relaxes while waiting for our table to be ready:

After dinner we took a quick ride on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.
We had a car all to ourselves so of course everyone had to take advantage and spread out.

And from there a bus ride back to the resort and bed!