Day Travel & Check-in

Welcome to our August 2009 trip to Walt Disney World!

First a quick intro about who participated:

Me (of course)
Hubby Jeff
Son Alex (14)
Daughter Katherine (10) &
Son Jeffrey (8)

Our trip report starts on the plane which we boarded on time and with no delays.

As usual I got to sit with the dynamic duo.
Jeff & Alex sat across the aisle.... I guess they didn't need their picture taken.

Before we knew it we were backing away from the gate and heading for the runway.
And then suddenly we stopped and headed right back to where we started.

They pulled right up to the ramp, opened the door and an official looking man came in and headed  into the cockpit.

They told us there was a small problem, nothing to worry about but since it might take a bit of time to fix, they felt we would be more comfortable back in the terminal. So they bribed each one of us with a $5 food certificate on the way off the plane.

We took our $25 and indulged in Cinnabuns and smoothies.
So much for not having our flight delayed again this year.
At least we didn't have to make a connecting flight!

It took an hour and a half for them to fix the problem but finally they called us to reboard and off we went.
We didn't have our own personal TVs like we did last year but they did have overhead monitors and they showed Monsters vs Aliens which the kids loved. I think I must have slept through part of it but I enjoyed the part I saw.

Almost 5 hours of flying and we finally made it to the Orlando airport.

And we took our usual first ride of the trip on the airport monorail:

We hopped aboard the Magical Express (What no pictures?? Bad me!!)
We checked into Old Key West and were immediately given our room... Ah what a beautiful sign!

This is across from the hospitality house bus stop.
I love the grounds and how tropical and relaxing it feels.

We brought our luggage with us on the bus this time so we immediately unpacked and watched some TV until it was time to go to bed.
I realized later I didn't take nearly enough picture of the room but here are the ones I did take:
Our kitchen:

Next to the eating area:

The kids bedroom (complete with kids):

The outer area of the bathroom:

 The spa tub:

The view off our balcony: