Day 6 ~~ Magic Kingdom & EPCOT

Another late start to our day. What a shocker!

We never seem to get off California time, so arriving at the park at 10AM is like 7 AM for us. So in reality we are actually doing pretty well!

I did have a very nice morning relaxing morning on our patio with a cup of coffee and reading my book before the kids woke up.

Waiting for the bus outside our room:

We headed out to Magic Kingdom and started the day with Monsters INC Laugh Floor where we got to see Jeff up on the screen.

We ducked into Buzz Lightyear next, glad not to spend too much time in the heat.

Lunchtime comes around fast so we decided on Cosmic Rays for some chicken and ribs and hamburgers. Everyone had something different.

We had gotten fastpasses for Buzz so we rode that again, trying to beat each others high score.

We stopped for smoothies at the ice cream snack store next to Cosmic Ray's which really hit the spot in the heat.

We passed through Adventureland and picked up Fastpasses for the Jungle Cruise since the line was longer than we wanted to stand in and then went straight the cool darkness of Pirates.

When we got off the ride Katherine bought a souvenir necklace and Jeffrey had his picture taken with some local wenches.

Then we stopped and enjoyed some refreshing spray from the tiki gods:

This is probably my favorite photo of the whole trip... 

While waiting for our fastpasses to be good for the Jungle Cruise, we let the kids drive the little boats. They had such a good time!

They spent a lot of time ramming into each other:

Before we knew it were off to the jungles of the Amazon, or the Nile...  or both.

We had the BEST boat captain.. he was so funny and told a lot of original jokes!

We decided to head over to EPCOT via the monorail.

We rode Spaceship Earth and got our pictures taken at the end and we emailed them to ourselves. Unfortunately they never showed up at home.

We headed to Club Cool. It is a actual fact that you must visit here at least twice every time you are at EPCOT.

It started to drizzle so we hoped into Figment's Imagination ride and when we got out the sky had opened up and it was pouring. We ran over to Honey I Shrunk the Audience and were completely drenched by the time we got there.

When we were out of HISTA we went into Innoventions and played the Fire House game. It was still raining pretty hard when we got out so we bit the bullet and bought a few ponchos and caught the boat to our reservation at Tokyo Dining.
No I did NOT bring the ponchos I paid a fortune for last trip. **SIGH**
Now I have more than I will ever need.

They have a large screen where they show beautiful pictures of Japan.
It was hard to get good pictures but these came out OK.

We LOVE the food!

When we were done eating we walked out onto the balcony and watched Illuminations then went downstairs to shop. On the way back around the countries we stopped in at Norway for some school bread.

We jumped on Test Track and Mission Space on the way out because the lines were so short.

Then we headed for the resort.