Day 2 ~~ Animal Kingdom

Day 2 and we were heading for the Animal Kingdom.

First up is Dinosaur.
Alex and I are hiding in the front row right hand side and the rest of the crew is in the second row.

Then we hid from the heat in It's Tough to be a Bug where the kids model their fashionable eyewear.

I love the posters!

When were filing in to sit down Jeffrey overshot his seat and when he backed up to sit in his seat the man following us sat where Jeffrey was supposed to sit seat and acted like he didn't understand me when I asked him to move over one... then the rest of family showed up and sat down and also wouldn't move over so I watched the show with an 8 year old in my lap. Which turned out ot be OK because Jeffrey hates it when the bugs poke you in the back.

When we got out it was time for lunch at the Tusker House.
Here a few shots inside the restaurant:

 When were finished we headed off to the Safari where the animals weren't feeling too photogenic due to the scorching heat:

Jeffrey shows off his ability to be take abstract photos:

A few random pix from when we were walking through Dinoland:

Jeffrey tries his hand at portrait photography:

More random pix from the park:

And of course Everest:

And some pictures from inside the store (where Jeffrey and I waited while the others went to scream their heads off).