Day 4 ~~ EPCOT

Another Scorcher!
Seems there was going to be no relief this entire trip from the excruciating heat and humidity.
But we were at Disney World so we will persevere!

We always try to get out the door early but because we our body clocks are always 3 hours behind, we never seem to make it.

Today we went EPCOT. When we got there we headed straight to the Land for Soarin' Fastpasses. Then we picked up a Kim Possible Walkie Talkie so the kids could do the mission when we headed into the countries.

We grabbed some lunch at Seasons in the Land which is such a great place to eat when you have varied tastes among your crew. Everybody got something different and really enjoyed the meal.

Then started our walk around the countries.

First into Mexico.
The kids got some nice pictures of the carved animals they make there:

We got a picture outside by the wall:

Around the back entrance there was a nice cool path with lots of vegetation.

Then onto Norway where the kids took on the Kim Possible mission. We picked up a Fastpass for Maelstrom then moved onto China.

By this time it was so incredibly hot outside it was hard to walk from one place to other. We hid out in the China shops for awhile and the kids started one of the masks.

They wanted to get the countries they missed so we walked back through Mexico and Norway.
Jeffrey loves Norway because he knows his great grandparents (on my fathers side) came from there.

Time for the Maelstrom Fastpasses.

We made our way to Germany after we waited for the bridge to reset:

One day I am going to buy one of these cuckoo clocks.

 The miniature train set up outside Germany is a real favorite of the kids and they could spend an hour just watching. This time it was so hot we took some pictures then moved on.

LOVE love love the beautiful landscaping!

Italy always has a lot of opportunity for colorful pictures....

I know it's just pasta, but it's so pretty!

More mask making

I love the Donkey cart out in front:

Then it was off to the American Adventure where we could go inside and bask in the air conditioning.

The kids got another mask part done and while we waited for them we watched a squirrel look for treats.

When we got to Japan we all welcomed a Kaki Gori (shaved ice). This is always one of the highlights of our trip.. they are SO good! I always get melon.

We shopped a bit in the stores, reluctant to venture out into the heat. We slowly made our way through Morocco.

Onto mask making in France:

Loving the flowers and plants

We finally made it to England:

and Canada

The kids were enjoying getting their masks done so we took them to Nemo and the Land to hit the other Kidcot stations there.

Time for dinner at the Garden Grill (OH YUMMY).

We were wilted from the heat as we got back to our room, so the kids got on their suits and we took them to the pool where they could enjoy the waterslide and Jeff & I could kick back and relax.