Day 8 ~~ Hollywood Studios (Lots of pictures!)

Today was lunch at The 50's Diner at Hollywood Studios.
I just LOVE this place.
Until I looked at my pictures, I didn't realize how many TVs they had in the waiting area.

I love all the kitschy knick-knacks!

This guy was the greeter and he was so good in the 1950's geeky kid roll.

Waiting to be called for our table:

Checking out the pictures they took:

Jeff checking out the dessert menu with his "Clean Plate Club" sticker the waitress gave him for finishing everything on his plate.



Make your own sundae:

We toured around the back lot taking in all the great sets.

Mom, what's this?

This was the first time I actually saw the "Singing in the Rain" umbrella.
The kids wasted no time posing.

Jeffrey took a moment to get wet (and cool) with the leaking fire hydrant.

We got fastpasses for Toy Story and when it was time we had a lot of fun shooting things in 3D.
    Glad we didn't have to wait in the 80 minute line!

They are ready to go!

It's important to take a picture of yourself!

And then have your sister take a picture of you too.

Alex looking particularly cool in his glasses:

None of us break any accuracy records:

Once outside, more self portraits:

Then we went through the Walt Disney Museum and took lots of pictures.
I could spend hours in here. (Wishing I owned some of this stuff).

Katherine got this shot of Jeffrey and Walt:

 Walt's office:

After we were through and got outside we realized just how unbelievably hot it still was and decided to head back to the resort.

After we rested up for awhile we took the kids to the pool and let them swim after the sun went down.

By the time we were through we were all exhausted and ready for bed.